King Krule

King Krule – Czech One/Dum Surfer 7″

King Krule's Czech One album art

Czech One

King Krule’s Czech One is a masterful track that delves deep into the artist’s emotions. Right off the bat, the song takes a sullen tone. However, he is still able to smoothly mix in elements of hip-hop that feel almost detached. Conversely, a jewelry-box-like jingle holds the song together. King Krule also sneaks in an underrated saxophone solo throughout the middle of the track. Nonetheless, his declarations about pain in a past relationship are obvious.

“You ask me what her name was called
But I found it hard to write
One time I was impaled forlorn
And thrown into a pile”

Although King Krule is bleak and gloomy, there is something beautiful about his composition. There is more warmth than any of his previous releases. As the track goes on, the keys ascend but never quite resolve, and it feels as if Krule is clinging to the melody. Is he afraid to let go, similar to his past relationship(s)? Krule is poetic in every sense of the word. The music video is quite gorgeous as well, and it matches the tone of the song.

Dum Surfer

Unlike Czech One, Dum Surfer takes a quite sinister approach. The quintessential jazz elements from King Krule are still there, but he is clearly piqued about something. His voice suddenly transforms and sounds slightly demonic. In the outro, he even declares “Keep me, keep me as the villain”. However dark and guttural, the song has a certain charisma and groove to it. I believe this is King Krule fully embracing the strangest parts of his mind. We hope to hear more like this on his upcoming album, The Ooze. The Ooze will release on October 13th.

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Enjoy the video for Czech One below.

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