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Cowboy Rhythmbox – Tanz Exotique

The outsider house duo known as Cowboy Rhythmbox (CBRB) has a new release out this November. Known for their love of bargain bin dives and obscure tracks, the group often creates new and exciting material that is unique to the CBRB style. In Tanz Exotique, all 3 tracks have their own groove and approach. These three drastically different songs make up a wild but wonderful track-list around 20 minutes long. Cat’s Invasion, the second song on the EP, utilizes many obscure noises and sounds. Cowboy Rhythmbox is well-known for doing this. Combined with deep breathing synths and a bare-bones rhythm, the song is a stark but memorable dance track with a great beat. Phantasy describes the song as:

“Music for darkrooms on interstellar pleasure cruisers.”

Indeed, Phantasy does the song justice. Cowboy Rhythmbox is incredibly unique, which is one reason why they are so appealing to fans of electronic music. They take noises from other places and make them their own. That is quite a feat in itself.

Last but not least, Scream, is a gritty acid techno jam. There’s not much more to say about it, although we might point out the fantastic use of vocal samples.

Cowboy Rhythmbox

You can buy the vinyl on Bandcamp or download the EP on iTunes. For a full list of options, go here.

The title track, Tanz Exotique has not been released yet.

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